Day 2 of the 2014 Commonwealth Games saw India winnina one Gold, Silver and Bronze each. Apart from the medals, they dominated Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis and Boxing.

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Squash: Dipika Pallikkal reaches the quarters after a 11-6 12-10 11-5 win over Delia Arnold. 

Weight Lifting: Rustam Sarang is out of medal contention.

Squash: Dipika Pallikkal won the second game 12-10.

Weight Lifting: Rustam Sarang pushed to the fourth spot.

Squash: Dipika Pallikkal won the first game 11-6.

Squash: Dipika Pallikkal takes on Malaysia’s Delia Arnold in the women’s Round of 16 match.

Weight Lifting: Rustam Sarang is looking good to win a medal in the men’s 62 Kg Finals.

Weight Lifting: Rustam Sarang is seventh after the end of Snatch in the finals of men’s 62Kg Finals. Clean and Jerk to follow.

Boxing: Mandeep Jangra through to the Round of 16

Boxing: Mandeep Jamgra face Mozambique’s Augusto Mathule in the men’s 69 Kg in the Round of 32.

Weight Lifting: Rustum Sarang in action in the finals of men’s 62 Kg.

Squash: Saurav Goshal won the fifth set 11-8 against Finitsis and moves into the Quarter Finals.

Squash: Saurav Goshal loses the fourth set 11-6 against Finitsis

Judo: Sunibala Huirdom loses her Bronze Medal match to Convay on Penalties.

Judo: Sunibala Huidrom in action against Sally Convay in the Bronze Medal match in the women’s 70Kg

Squash: Saurav Goshal loses the third set 11-4 against Finitsis

Squash: Saurav Goshal leads Australia’s Steve Finitsis 11-2 11-5 in the men’s Round of 32

Weight Lifting: Santhoshi Matsa wins a Silver in the women’s 53 Kg.

Squash: Anaka Alakanmony defeated Naduni Gunawardene 11-3 11-4 11-5 in the women’s plate Round of 32 

Weight Lifting: India’s Swathi Singh creates a Commonwealth Games record by lifting 83 Kg (Snatch) in the women’s 53 Kg Finals

Shooting: Arti Singh Rao loses in the shoot out and is out of the competition.

Shooting: Arti Singh Rao in shoot-off to qualify for the Bronze Medal’s match in the women’s skeet Semi-Finals.

Shooting: Arti Singh Rao in action in the women’s fleet Semi-Finals

Boxing: India’s Praveen Kumar lost to Scoland’s Ross Henderson in the men’s 91 Kg Round of 16

Weight Lifting: Swati Singh and Santhosi Matsa in action in the women’s 53 Kg Finals

Abhinav Bindra announces that this will be his last Commonwealth Games

Indian National Anthem is played as the tri colour is hoisted at Glasgow

Badminton: India lead Kenya 5-0 in the Mixed Team event

Tie-1: Jwala Gutta/ K. Srikanth defeated PK Mbogo/ MM Joseph 21-8 21-8

Tie-2: P Kashyap defeated VO Munga 21-7 21-8

Tie-3: PC Thulasi defeated LS Martins 21-4 21-2

Tie-4: RMV Guru Sai Dutt/Pranaav Chopra defeated JM Githitu/ PK Mbogo 21-5 21-6

Tie-5: PV Sindhu/Jwala Gutta defeated LS Martins and MM Joseph 21-4 21-5

Shooting: Bindra beat Bangladesh’s Abdullah Baki by 3.2 points in the Finals of the men’s 10 M Air Rifle event.

Shooting: BOOOMMM!!! Abhinav Bindra wins a Gold in the 10 M Air Rifle Shooting event

Shooting: Ravi Kumar eliminated after shooting 9.6 in the shoot off against Rivers’ 10.1

Shooting: Ravi Kumar tied for the third spot and is in the shoot off against D. Rivers of England.

Shooting: Abhinav Bindra leads Ravikumar in the fight for Gold medal with six shots to go.

Shooting: Ravi Kumar leads Abhinav Bindra by 0.7 points after 12 shots in the finals of 10 M Air Rifle event

Shooting: Ravi Kumar leads as Abhinav Bindra comes in second after 10 shots in the men’s 10 M Air Rife event.

Shooting: Ravi Kumar leads as Abhinav Bindra comes in second after 8 shots in the men’s 10 M Air Rife event.

Shooting: Abhinav Bindra and Ravi Kumar started well and take the first two positions in the finals of the 10 M Air Rifles event.

Squash: Joshna Chinnapa loses to New Zealand’s Joelle King 3-1 8-11 11-8 6-11

Squash: Joshna Chinnappa pulls once back after winning the third game 8-11.

Judo: Sunibala Huirdom won the Reapchage contest and qualifies for the Bronze medal match.

Silver Medalist Mallika Goel is just 16 years old from Amritser, Punjab.

Squash: Joshna Chinnappa loses the first two games 11-3 11-8 against Kiwi Joelle King. Now she needs to win the remaining three games to qualify for the quarters.

Shooting: Mallika Goel Wins a Silver for India.

Shooting: Disaster for India as Mallika Goel moves a spot further down to third.

Shooting: Mallika Goel trails the Gold medal by 0.1 points after 12 shots.

Shooting: Heena Sidhu eliminated from the Finals of the women’s 10 M Air Rifle. Mallika Goel leads

Shooting: Mallika Goel is leading after six shots as Heena Sidhu occupies the third spot.

Squash: Joshna Chinnappa is in action against New Zealand’s King in the women’s round of 16

Shooting: Heena Sidhu and Mallika Goel will be in action in few mins in the finals of women’s 10 M Air Pistol.

Judo: Garima Choudhry lost to Scotland’s Sarah Clark in women’s 63 Kg quarter finals and is in the Reapchage contest which begins at 17:25 IST.

Judo: Sunibala Huirdom lost to Australia’s Arscott in the 70 Kg women’s quarters and is in the Reapchage contest which begins at 17:39 IST.

Shooting: Abhinav Bindra and Ravi Kumar qualifies for the finals of men’s 10 M Air Rifle event. The Finals will take place at 19:00 IST. 

Table Tennis: India lead Guyana 3-0 in the men’s Team event Prelims

Tie-1: Anthony Arpudharaj defeated Britton 11-4 11-3 11-3

Tie-2: Sowmyajit Ghosh defeated Franklin 11-8 11-5 11-9

Tie-3: Anthony Arpudharaj and S.S. Shetty defeated David and Franklin 11-8 11-6 11-5

Shooting: Ravi Kumar shoots 102.3, 104.3, 103.9 in the first three rounds of the Men’s 10 M Air Rifle qualifications and is in the fourth spot. 

Shooting: Abhinav Bindra shoots 102.1, 103.2, 105.4 in the first three rounds of the Men’s 10 M Air Rifle qualifications and is in the third spot.

Judo: Garima Choudhry defeated Cameroon’s Bibiene Fopa in women’s 63 Kg Round of 16

Shooting: Abhinav Bindra shoots 102.1 in the first round in the men’s 10 M Air Rifle qualifications

Shooting: India’s Abhinav Bindra and Ravi Kumar in action in the men’s 10 M Air Rifle qualifications.

Judo: Sunibala Huirdom defeated Botswana’s Memory Zikhale in the 70 Kg women’s Round of 16

Judo: Vikender Singh loses to Cameroon’s Omaga Fouda in the men’s 81 Kg Round of 32

Men’s Hockey: India defeated Wales 3-1 in their first Prelims against Wales.

Judo: Balvinder Singh loses to Mozambique’s Madeira in the men’s 72 Kg Round of 32.

Shooting: Abhinav Bindra will be in action in a few moments in the 10 M Air Rifle qualifications.

Hockey: India are being denied by the Wales Goalie again and again.

Shooting: Arti Singh Rao qualifies for the Finals of the Women’s Skeet Finals. The Finals will take place at 21:10 IST

Men’s Hockey: Goallll!!! Gurwinder Chandi scores the third for India against wales.

Shooting: Baba Bedi looks uncomfortable and is out of qualification zone in the men’s skeet qualifications. Finals spot is doubtful for Bedi.

Men’s Hockey: Goalllll!!! Rupinder Pal Singh scores the second goal for India against Wales.

Shooting: Mairaj Khan and Baba Bedi are looking strong to qualify for the Finals of the men’s skeet event.

Men’s Hockey: Second Hald between India and Wales begins

Shooting: Arti Singh Rao leads the qualification list and is all set to qualify for the Finals of the women’s skeet event.

Men’s Hockey: Halftime India 1- 1 Wales


Shots: India 8-7Wales

Penalty Corners: India 3-2 Wales

Shooting: Heena Sidhu and Mallika Goel qualifieds for the finals of the women’s 10 m Air Rifle wvents. The Finals begins at 17:00 IST 

Men’s Hockey: Penalty Corner for Wales.

Table Tennis: India defeated Kenya 3-0 in the Women’s Prelims

Tie-1: Poulomi Ghatak defeated JAK Shah 11-4 11-3 11-5

Tie-2: Manika Batra defeated SD Thakker 11-7 11-4 11-4

Tie-3: Ankita Das and Poulomi Ghatak defeated DM Njani and SD Thakker 11-6 11-5 11-5

Shooting: Heena Sidhu shoots 97, 96, 94 in the first three rounds of the women’s 10 M Air Rifle qualifications. She is the best in the Qualifications.

Men’s Hockey: Equaliser!! Andrew Cornick equalises for Wales against India in the Prelims.

Shooting: Malika Goel shoots 96, 92, 95 in the first three rounds of the women’s 10 M Air Rifle qualifications. She is the third best in the Qualifications.

Men’s Hockey: Goal!!!!!!VR Raghunath scores the first goal for India in the 20th minute against Wales in the Prelims.

Shooting: Heena shoots 96 in the second round to sit atop of others in the women’s 10 M Air Pistol qualifications.

Hockey: Wales are very strong in their counters and Indians are struggling to cope up with it.

Shooting: Heena Sidhu goes to the top in the women’s 10 M Air Pistol qualifications by scoring 97 in the first round. Malika Goel is third with a score of 96 after the first round.

Men’s Hockey: Indian XI against Wales: Rupinder Pal Singh, Manpreet Singh, Sardar Singh, Gurbaj Singh, Sreejesh, Danish Mujtaba, SV Sunil, Gurwinder Chandi, Birendra Lakra, Ramandeep Singh, VR Raghunath

Shooting: Women’s 10 M Air Pistol featuring World No. 1 Heena Sindhu kick starts.

Men’s Hockey: Indian men take on Welshmen at the Glasgow Greens which begins in few moments.

Are You Guys excited ahead of the Day 2 of the Glasgow 2014 #CWG2014? Indians are taking part in medal classification rounds in Shooting, Judo, Weightlifting. India can go out and better their performances on day 1. Check out the Match timings of all Indians here:


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