O.P. Jaisha

What will you call it? Shocking revelation? No, that’s not enough to discuss the disgusting Indian officials who were enjoying their elite vacation at Rio Olympics!

Indian woman athlete OP Jaisha revealed the reason she collapsed by the end of her marathon run of 42.195km, only to gain consciousness after 2-3 hours.

Jaisha alleged that not a single Indian official was present at refreshment points to help the national record holder to hand one of the most basic things – water.

Speaking to Times of India, Jaisha said, “Though there were officials from all other countries to provide refreshments to their runners at designated points – after every 2.5 km – there was no one from India and our desks were empty next to the country’s name and flag.”

While athletes from other countries had a constant supply of not only water but also glucose, honey, etc, the athlete from Kerala said that even she didn’t know how she managed to finish the marathon without any liquid intake to keep her going. She finished the race in 2:47:9s.

Even though the organisers provide water and sponge after every 8km, Jaisha said that it hardly lasted her 500m, making the run very difficult after 30km, particularly under the strong sun.

The distance runner had to be injected seven bottles of glucose to give her the energy needed to regain consciousness after she collapsed by the end of the marathon. “I didn’t see any doctor from our contingent while help came from fellow marathon runner Gopi T and coach Radhakrishnan Nair. Coach Nikolai was also there for few hours before he was taken away by the organizers,” she said.

Jaisha, who refused to get admitted to a hospital after returning back to India on Saturday, revealed that she would require 2-3 months of ayurvedic treatment and body massage to recover completely. Sports Authority of India doctors claimed that she had a high fever.

As per the IAAF rules, it is the duty of the federation and coach to assign their own officials at refreshment points, other than the ones handled by the organisers.

According to the report, if an athlete uses refreshments from a table of another country, he might end up being disqualified.

She also said that the coach Nikolai was to be blamed for forcing her to run the entire marathon, despite all the problems, whereas she wanted to qualify for the 1500m. “Even when I suffered an injury during the training period the coach didn’t give me time to recover. Moreover, we always trained early in the morning, first in Ooty and later in Rio. So, it was tough to adjust to the heat here,” she added.

The experienced runner had finished at 18th position last year in Beijing Worlds, clocking a distance of 2:34:43s.



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