English journalist Piers Morgan took a dig at India’s medal haul in Rio Olympic. India won only two medals in Rio. One silver by badminton player PV Sindhu and one bronze by wrestler Sakshi Malik.

Morgan, who works for the Mail Online, was talking about Great Britain’s Olympic medal haul in Rio.

Initially, he started talking about Walse as they were welcomed in a bus after reaching the semifinal in Euro Cup. Morgan questioned the reason behind Walse’ celebration. Now England finished second in Olympic, but there is no celebration in England.

While the discussion was going on, an Indian named Tariq Vaidya commented below Morgan’s comment. Vaidya said, “This is the welcome our athletes got for 1 silver and 1 bronze here in India!”

Now, the tweet received the attention of Morgan who said, “Country with 1.2 billion people wildly celebrates 2 losing medals. How embarrassing is that?”

 Sindhu received  a grand welcome in Telangana for her achievements in Olympic. Thousands of people came on the road when Sindhu roamed around the Hyderabad city on an open bus with her coach Pullea Gopichand.

This year India had a very bad  campaign in Olympic. In London, Olympic India have won six medals but this year India managed only  two years.

But, Indian being a population of 1.2 billion can’t win a gold medal which doesn’t look good. So, Morgan feels celebrating after two losing medals surely don’t look good.

But, Indians are not happy with Morgan’s tweet so they are coming hard on him and criticising him with a barrage of  tweets as England failed to make any impression in Euro Cup and football World Cup.
After Moragn tweeted people from Indian subcotinent indulged in a debate.

Now Indians have a banter with Piers Morgan

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