After witnessing the first PPV of the “new era” i.e. WWE Payback, we are officially on the road to the Extreme Rules PPV where for one night WWE goes ruthlessly with matches held in some added stipulation capacity. Whereas the bigger discussion going around the internet with a bunch of superstars released by WWE on this past Friday with an official statement on its website, there is an update on the exciting storyline of AJ Styles and Roman Reigns rivalry. The biggest one, though, came across with the Phenom which turned out to be shocking to most of the WWE fans. Here are the top 5 rumors of the week. (courtesy


More releases to follow

It turned to be a black Friday, last week when WWE decided to release a string of 8 superstars from the roster. Whereas some turned to be apparent, some were shocking in terms of their career in WWE. The bad news is there are more superstars who can be a victim of WWE in coming weeks. Ryback and WWE are not on the same page from weeks now and it is evident that he will be cut loose from the company and with veterans like Mark Henry being shelved indefinitely, he might have been sent a send-off from Vince McMahon. Henry, himself showed no intention to re-sign his contract after the present one expires soon.

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