WWE Divas lead a glamorous on-screen life. We fall in love with them by not only seeing them as the glam dolls in live television but also for their in-ring abilities. But, due to social media and their more appearances on television now give us hints about their life beyond WWE. How do they live their life after the spotlight is turned off? Most of the Divas have chosen an alternative career because the limelight is a thing which will not remain constant and some of them have mastered them aftermath the dawn of their career. Here we will list out 5 Divas and their alternative career apart from WWE career.


Molly Holly
She is the woman who stood out in terms respect for the woman in the wrestling industry. After becoming a two-time WWE Women’s champion and one-time Hardcore champion Molly decided to leave WWE when she thought glamor was gaining prominence over talents. It is a fact, though. After WWE, Molly had focused on her real estate business and property holdings. She also is a physiotherapist. Her name is also associated with Minnesota Teen Challenge, a rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol addicted teenagers.

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