A huge shark cage match announced on WWE Raw. watch full results here
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WWE Monday Night Raw Results With Videos: December 19, 2016

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    This was the penultimate episode of WWE Raw in 2016. WWE has ended the PPV calendar for the year 2016 with the Roadblock: End of the Line PPV. It saw some brilliant bookings which paved the way for things to come for the Raw on December 19. Here are the results:

    Shark Cage Match Announced For Royal Rumble

    WWE Raw opened with KO and Jericho standing in the middle of the ring. They talked about how they fooled the WWE Universe, last night. With Christmas around the corner, Jericho called Santa a ‘stupid, idiot.’ Mick Foley interrupted being  Santa’s ambassador. He came out with a gift straight from the north pole. Pointing out to a shark cage hanging above the ring, he announced the rematch between Owens and Reigns at Royal Rumble with Jericho locked in inside the shark cage. To give a preview of how it feels like, he made Jericho enter inside it. Y2J looked terrified after he was suspended high above the ring.



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