The stakes for this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw is quite higher with Kurt Angle’s secret expected to be revealed on the show. For weeks now, somebody has threatened the Raw GM sending some unknown texts which can put his status in jeopardy. He never let that public except for talking to the Raw commentator, Corey Graves.

Last week, the Raw GM concluded Raw by stating that he is inviting the mysterious person and let the world know about the hidden secret of his life. This set the rumour mill on fire finding out the person and his alleged affair with that person. The speculations also stated that Kurt Angle might have a child with that person who will also be present on Raw.

As reported earlier, Stephanie McMahon and former TNA President, Dixie Carter are the two persons that might fit into the role. Further revelations on this matter were made public by Eric Bischoff on a wrestling podcast, recently. On the show, he dropped a huge spoiler of the entire upcoming scenario.

Back in the TNA days, AJ Styles and Dixie Carter had an affair. The storyline progressed with The Addiction claiming to come up with some evidence of the same. They even revealed that since AJ and Dixie want to hide the secret and went on record to say that they are helping a friend named Claire Lynch who was pregnant.

Apparently, this storyline would be renewed in the WWE in a bigger way with a stepchild involved in the relation. Check out the conversation from the podcast between Bischoff and Hausman to understand the scenario:

Bischoff: Uhh, alright…I’m sure I’m going to be burning a bridge with this one, cause I’m not supposed to know about this. And hopefully, nobody gets into any trouble over this because leaks happen, right? But you remember the storyline with AJ and Claire?
Hausman: Oh my god, yeah. How could you forget?
Bischoff: WWE is ripping that off. Dixie is Claire and Kurt is AJ.
Hausman: Wow. So you’re saying Dixie and Kurt have been having an affair? He’s been cheating on his wife?
Bischoff: I’m saying the storyline, that everyone is alluding to, is shockingly familiar to AJ and Claire.

TNA has felt a lot of backlash with this storyline, previously and closed the chapter by showing that AJ was not the father of Claire’s child. We expect the angle to be continued from this point onwards on Raw.


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