Three weeks prior to Wrestlemania and for the first time ever the three men involved in the consequences who will determine the fate of WWE Monday Night Raw post-Wrestlemania came face to face in the ring on WWE Raw. The three players of the game Shane McMahon, Mr. McMahon and The Undertaker — were together in the ring. A tense situation occurred when Shane mocked none other than the Phenome and called him Vince McMahon’s puppet. (WWE Raw results are courtesy and

That was enough to get his hands on Shane, but he held on his own against the Demon of Death valley until Vince McMahon literally threw his prodigal son into a Chokeslam from the Deadman. Mr. McMahon himself escaped the wrath of the Deadman narrowly and left with a smile on his face but it looks like for their own sake they have awakened a sleeping dragon, and no one is safe from his wrath as felt on WWE Raw.

Here are the full results of the segment from WWE Raw:

Vince comes out first in the ring and calls his weapon of destruction, the Undertaker. Vince gave a disclaimer not to put his hands on him ever again. Phenome responds by taking his coat and hat off and getting closer to him again. Shane’s music hits and he jumps down into the arena. Shane tells Undertaker that he knows that he has no choice in the fact that he is Mr. McMahon’s son, but what’s Undertakers excuse for being Mr. McMahon’s puppet.

Undertaker tells no one controls him. Shane retorts that from his perspective Undertaker is Mr. McMahon’s bitch. Undertaker tries to chokeslam Shane, but Shane reversed it and forced him into the corner. Every time Undertaker swings Shane ducks and lands with a flurry of punches. As Shane’s back is turned Mr. McMahon pushes Shane into Undertaker and Undertaker hits Shane with a chokeslam. Taker turns his attention on Mr. McMahon in disbelief but Vince escapes from the ring.


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