Money in the Bank 2016 has proved to be a spectacular event for the WWE Universe all over the world. With some of the Wrestlemania-worthy matchups in the schedule, the event was already hyped up to the sky limit and saw a perfect ending when Dean Ambrose cashed in his just won Money in the Bank contract to become the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. Within three minutes of a span, all of the three Shield brethren was the champion.
Apart from that Styles-Cena dream match proved to be show-stealer and, of course, there was the Money in the bank ladder match which proved to be one of the greatest of all time with six solid competitors. But around all of the success, we should remember how dangerous these ladder matches can prove to be to the WWE Superstars. The career-threatening match can injure a superstar badly and shorten his career.
One such unfortunate incident took place during the Money in the Bank ladder match when the only previous MITB briefcase holder, Alberto Del Rio got injure during the match and was taken back to the locker room by the referees to receive medical attention. The mishap is reportedly took place when Del Rio took the last bump on the ropes before falling on the mat badly, as per a report from Below given is the footage of the speculated moment.

As a result, Del Rio was not present in the television taping on Monday Night Raw. There’s no news of the seriousness of the injury and when he is going to be seen, next. To make his day even worse, he was indulged in a fight with his partner WWE Diva Paige, on the same night.

Paige was said to be allegedly engaged in an incident of domestic violence with Del Rio and after the police got to know of the same, they took care of business by arresting Paige. The incident took place just moments after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view was over. Though, many thinks that the scene was just scripted for the Total Divas reality series in which Del Rio and Paige will be seen as a couple.

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