WWE Top 5 Rumor of the week: March 14, 2016
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WWE top 5 Rumors of the week: March 14, 2016

  • This week we had WWE Roadblock as the WWE Network special, but that did not affect much of the storyline and did remain only as a WWE Network special. The internet is going strong with Wrestlemania rumors for sure. The Rumor mill includes a potential match between John Cena and Undertaker. Also, Lana’s addition to the Wrestlemania card and the potential presence of Bullet Club members on the roster had an impact on them. Here’re the top 5 rumors of the week: (courtesy SportsKeeda.com)


    Another star was put on notice after O’Neil

    The rumor mill was buzzing through the week of another superstar getting a notice for displaying their frustration over not getting a proper storyline. Initially, the superstar was supposed to be King Barrett after his contract was not up for renewed. Even it was thought that the superstar may have been Ziggler after he tweeted out his frustrations n RAW. But he too had a renewed contract now and the supposed superstar is none other than Jack Swagger. He doesn’t have much going in the WWE today.


    Six men match for the Intercontinental championship?

    The debut of Sami Zayn in the main roster has generated the idea among the fans that we are going to get a Zayn vs. KO match at Wrestlemania. But, moving forward WWE is nurturing the idea of having a six man IC championship match for two consecutive years. Apart from Neville and Zayn, Ziggler, The Miz, Big Show can be added to the match. But, there are still chances of WWE, scrapping the whole idea and get into a one-on-one match between Owens and Zayn.


    Lana to get a Wrestlemania match

    Lana once again had been taken to the Doghouse after shouting at Rusev in front of the fans. Vince is not happy at all with these two superstars not handling themselves properly. Apparently Lana is scheduled to get a match against Brie Bella at Wrestlemania. It will be the first time when Lana will compete in the ring for the first time. Planning also suggests that this may turn out to be one tag team contest with Natalya, Naomi, and Tamina being included to the match.


    Differences between Triple H and Vince over Bullet Club

    Conflicts between Triple H and Vince are well known in the professional wrestling. The latest one is over Bullet Club and Finn Balor. While Vince wants it to make an immediate impact with Balor and his fellow club members on Raw, Triple H wants them to stop until Wrestlemania gets over. Now, both of them are right from their perspective. But since Wrestlemania season has already picked up, bringing them post-Wrestlemania season will give the company a huge storyline.


    WWE setting up future Wrestlemania match between Cena vs. Undertaker

    Cena turning heel has been waving on the internet from many times now. Rumors suggest that he will be involved in the Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker match up to certain capacity. He could help the Authority screwing Shane-O-Mac, turning heel thereby or he can simply work against the Undertaker to set up a future match between them. A heel Cena post-Wrestlemania season is what’s best for business. Shane is not advertised post-Wrestlemania and Cena joining the Authority would get the mainstream attention that he needs.

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