Probably after a span of 15 years, he was seen in badminton court with a racket, playing against the World’s number two woman shuttle player. Despite the fact that he is now 60 years old, Prakash Padukone has the same enthusiasm he had in the beginning of his coaching career. It was a recent incident at the Prakash Padukone Academy in Bangalore where the 60-year old legendary badminton player stepped up onto the court to play a game against his and Vimal Kumar’s one of the best students, Saina Nehwal at the end of the training. Vimal, the former national champion and also a former coach of the Indian team, was the umpire in that game. And the result of that game, nobody could believe according to Vimal that, Saina lost to Prakash.

Vimal, divulging the thrilling incident said, “Generally, Prakash watches minutely when Saina train under my observation. Sometimes, he comes forward and gives some required advices to both Saina and also guides me about the style of training or about the technique. But, looking forward to the World Championship, Prakash looked keen to play himself during the training with Saina.”


Vimal also informed that Saia herself was also highly excited to have lost the game against Prakash. Vimal informed, “Saina told me she had dreamt of watching Prakash. But Prakash had left the game long before. So, after that day, Saina became so happy that she extended her training timing.”

The former coach of the senior national team, who has been training Saina for almost a year, also added saying, “Having watched her every day now, I am hopeful that Saina would be one of the medal winning contenders in the Rio Olympics next year. And she has also appointed a personal physiotherapist who has been contributing a lot to the improvement of Saina.” The shuttler herself, in a recent e-mail interview, wrote, “The muscles of the body are needed to be alleviated as much as possible every day after training so that I can move in the court with the best fitness level. Naturally, personal physiotherapist has been doing a great job for me.” 


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