MS Dhoni again runs into a big controversy as 15,000 litres is being used to fill up the swimming pool of his ancestral home. At a time when Bombay High Court forced the BCCI to shift matches from Maharashtra as Latur has been suffering from the huge water crisis.

Recently MS Dhoni has to resign from the post of brand ambassador of Amrapali housing project as stakeholders objected that the work has not been going in the right directed that dented India’s limited over captain’s image.

Jharkhand Revenue Minister Amar Kumar Bauri complained about MS Dhoni’s swimming pool as sweltering hot lead to severe water crisis across Jharkhand.  People believed the colonies of Harmu are equally suffering from water crisis as Latur in Maharashtra.

At least 15000 water is being used every day to fill up the pools with new water. People have alleged that even though Dhoni rarely visits Ranchi, the swimming pool at his ancestral home in Ranchi is always filled with water.

Taking a jibe at the cricketer, people have questioned that why no arrangement of water for 5000 people of Yamunanagar could be made while 15,000 litres every day is poured into the swimming pool at Dhoni’s Ranchi located home.

Neither Borewells are working in Yamunanagar nor water is being supplied through tankers in the region. From ward councilor municipality, when approaching officials at most of the levels did not work, the people have appealed minister Amar Kumar for setting up the pipelines in the colonies.

Meanwhile, a close aide of Dhoni in Ranchi have refuted these claims, They said that the swimming pool is not ‘always’ filled with water. The pool is filled only when MS Dhoni is in town and nobody else’s water share is cut for the same.

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