5 changes that will make One day clashes more interesting

Rishav Narang / 24 June 2016

Despite the success of 50 overs World Cup and champions trophy still, the audience feel that ODI cricket should be revamped to make it more interesting as it is difficult to bind the interest of the viewers for full 50 overs. Somewhere during the mid of the innings, the audience (apart from journalists and ardent fans) gets bored and deviate to somewhere else. Yes, they do return but just to check scores and all. Seriously it is difficult to hold a viewer for a period of somewhat 8 hours. So there is a need to make some changes in the One Day format so as to make it more interesting and also to hold the audience.

Here are few changes through which the One-day cricket can become more and more interesting.


Starting with an old ball – Starting the game with an old ball could be an interesting move which can be applied. As we know that a batsman loves to go after a spinner especially to fetch more runs for him. Stepping out is a routine against the spinners. So if we start the game with spinners then there are chances that we see firecrackers from the fist over itself as a captain will be tempted with this move. A good start lays the foundation stone of a big innings and this can be that foundation needed to get a big score. And after 25 overs new ball will come into play. This will also test the ability of the middle order and lower order batsman against the new ball. Through this move, the ability of each and every player will be tested. It can be a good method through which One day cricket will become more interesting to watch.


40 overs clashes – The second way to make One day format an interesting game is shortening the length of matches by 10 overs. Making it a 40 overs affair will surely have a positive impact on the game as in today’s world where players play T20 cricket more than any other format; a batsman will try to formulate his T20 skills in 40 overs cricket which he has learnt from playing in IPL, BBL, CPL, BPL and the T20 leagues around the world.  This change will alter the playing style of a batsman and this will be a delight to watch as we will see oodles of runs being piled up one the scoreboard.


2X over – Well this is an innovative technique which can be initiated at international level for its betterment. According to this technique, a batting team can choose 5 overs from their quota of 50 overs where each run scored in this over will fetch the batsmen doubled the number of runs. This move looks an interesting one as viewers will be excited to know that whether a batsman has made full use of the 2X over or not.


13 team league   – This is a new step taken by ICC to make the One-day cricket more interesting. According to this new format, 13 sides would play a three-match bilateral series against every team over a period of 3 years. 36 matches will be played over these 3 years and in the end the two teams which will finish on the top of the table will play a final match against each other. This looks an innovative technique on the paper but we will have to wait for the final results. Still, yes we can say that it looks pretty much interesting as of now.


All players participating in the match – Whenever we see a player of our choice being dropped from playing XI we feel heartbroken and dejected but what if our favourite player is a part of a team in every match. Yes, this is possible and an interesting move which can be implemented. Each and every player who is part of the team should be given a chance. Though only XI players will be allowed on the field but yes if we want to replace a player with someone other we can do it. This move will give an advantage to all the team as a team can make all their best eleven batsmen bat along with it captain will have freedom to bowl only his best bowler. This one may look weird but can be an interesting one in the nearby future.

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