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5 Reasons Why Test Cricket is The Best Form Of Cricket 


“Never in the field of humanconflict was so much owed by so many to so few”

-Winston Churchill


It is often said that Test Cricket is the Best Cricket. Remember, the legendary Sunil Gavaskar and how he protested against the other shorter formats by scoring only 36 runs after batting for 60 long overs. This shows quite well that how even the cricketers stand for the existence of test cricket. Cricket is a Gentleman’s Game, they say. And Test Cricket purposefully suits that saying. Here is a list of 5 such muscular reasons as why Test Cricket is considered as the Best Cricket:-

1) Character Building and a lot more – A strenuous struggle for a period of some 5 days is not a matter of joke. People get injured, form fails and consistency garners. A period of 5 days is more like a character certificate for a cricketer in its own ways of disguise. Cricket can be well compared to a long battle, wherein, fighters keep on fighting for an end-result and that they will donate their cent percent for the sake of their nation’s triumph. Victory is what they want to taste, glory is what they want to achieve and happy is what they want their fellow countrymen to be. A person who can stand in the field for such a long haul, must has to have a strong position of mind and an iron like will-power to rely upon.

2) Cricket is everything that matters – Pure cricket is what test cricket boasts of. Particularly in the era of shorter versions of cricket, viz., the One Day Internationals and the Twenty20s (read chaddi cricket), the value and ethnicity of cricket is fading away very quickly, which, if not re-introduced, may devastate the nation’s favourite sport. Meticulous care, in the form of test cricket, must be taken so that the chastity of cricket is well maintained. It is only the test cricket which will bring back the once lost cricketing spirit from the venomous clutches of the demon, called Entertainment.

3) A Game of Sessions – Quite familiar to the old-day battles, test cricket has another characteristic on which it can brag about. It is the multi-session nature of test cricket that both the teams get a second chance to fight upon. Both the teams get a second chance to improve and pull off their sleeves of shortcomings and finally to prove themselves right and worthy. It is said that a new day brings forth a fresh start to embark upon, which is a real necessity in this case for any team to play well.

4) Unique Nature – Many people, better to say, nincompoops are of the notion that cricket is just another game. To clarify them, cricket is merely a game; it is a World of its own. For the first-timers or to those who haven’t got any sheer chance to observe or know cricket closely, they may consider cricket to be a cousin to baseball or at most hockey. But, to those who are really enticed to the World of Cricket may well know what really cricket is and what requires being a cricket fan.

5) Accessories – Various other resources are also mandatory for the game of cricket, especially test cricket, to flourish. The role of the pitch and that gorgeous red ball has its own belle. The wear and tear of the pitch due to the 5 day long period is a great thing to understand. The presence of grass in the first day facilitates the fast bowlers to bowl more efficiently. With the days passing, the 2nd and the 3rd day beneficiates the batsman to have strokes of their own. The bowl readily comes to the bat easily, thereby helping the batsmen to play strokes with utmost ease and comfort. Finally, for the 5th day, the wide cracks developed aid the spin bowlers. Bowls are spun in any direction and to a greater extent due to those cracks which evolved out of the 5 day turmoil. Also, the red ball must not to be forgotten. It has its own advantages. Its variety of swing and spin on either side makes the batsmen perplexed at times. To be specific, it looks more like a shining red cherry on the top of a beautiful piece of cake, the pitch.





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