Aakash Chopra Explains Why He Will Prefer Jasprit Bumrah Over Lasith Malinga To Bowl A Super Over

Aakash Chopra Explains Why He Will Prefer Jasprit Bumrah Over Lasith Malinga To Bowl A Super Over

Jasprit Bumrah, Lasith Malinga
Jasprit Bumrah, Lasith Malinga Image Credits :IPL

Aakash Chopra has explained Jasprit Bumrah would be preferred by him to bowl Super Over instead of pacers like Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka and Australian Mitchell Starc. Former Indian cricketer-turned-commentator — Aakash Chopra would go with Jasprit Bumrah as he can bowl slower deliveries as well as yorkers accurately, and he has a different style of action which make him special among the trio.

The World Cup 2019 final also witnessed a Super Over decide the winner between England and New Zealand. But the controversial boundary count rule saw England lift their maiden trophy as the scores were tied in the Super Over too.

Hosts England won the coveted trophy for hitting maximum boundaries. Since then mostly due to objections, the boundary count rule has been scrapped and now Super Overs will happen continuously till there is a winner.

Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra (Image Credit: Facebook)

Aakash Chopra: Rashid Khan Ahead of Sunil Narine If Spinner Is Picked To Bowl Super Over

Aakash Chopra would pick Afghanistan’s Rashid Khan ahead of West Indian cricketer Sunil Narine, if he has the option to chose a spinner to bowl Super Over which is an integral aspect of limited-overs cricket in case the scores are tied in IPL matches.

Despite the fact that Sunil Narine bowled a maiden Super Over, Rashid Khan will be picked by him if it is a turning and difficult pitch to bat on.

“Sunil Narine has bowled a maiden in a Super Over. He was bowling and only Narine and the keeper were involved in the game. The one time the batsman connected, he was dismissed. So you may want him to bowl but that is an old incident. The pitch was an absolute minefield where the ball was turning a mile,” he said.

“The action was also different at that time where he was able to deliver his off-spinners at a fast pace, which does not happen now. So, if the pitch is not that bad will you give the Super Over to him. If there are two left-handers in front who don’t play spin well, you may consider but he is not the best option in the five I have chosen,” he added.

“Rashid Khan is a unique player. If the ball is turning and it is a difficult pitch, I would go with him. I would pick him above Narine,” he said.

Rashid Khan, Rishabh Pant is tough to bowl
Rashid Khan. Image Credit; Getty Images.

Aakash Chopra though has replied that he would not go with a spin option if in form batsman Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma or big hitters musclemen like Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell are at the strikers end. He said that no team gives the final 20th over to any spinner and hence it will be advisable not to go with a spinner in the Super Over.

“But will you give the ball to him in all scenarios, say if you have Kohli, Rohit, Pollard or Russell in front, would you go for a spinner. He is definitely better than Narine and you might go for him ahead of Malinga currently but will he be ahead of Bumrah and Starc. No team gives the 20th over to a spinner, so why would you give the Super Over to him. I won’t go with him either,” Chopra explained.

Sunil Narine plays for Kolkata Knight Riders since 2012 and is KKR’s leading wicket-taker whereas Rashid Khan, who hails from Afghanistan plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL since 2017. Rashid Khan was also appointed captain of Afghanistan across all three formats following 2019 World Cup.

Aakash Chopra: Jasprit Bumrah Ahead Due To Accuracy and Different Bowling Style

Aakash Chopra has commented that Lasith Malinga was justified to be the bowler of Super Over but right now, more options like Mitchell Starc who has height and reverse swinging yorkers to add to the collection and Jasprit Bumrah who has a different action style and accurate yorkers and slowers in his credentials have arrived.

Talking about the three seamers Malinga, Starc and Bumrah, Chopra said: “Lasith Malinga, the lion might have grown old but has not forgotten how to catch its prey. And if you see the earlier days, choosing anyone above Lasith Malinga would be an injustice. Although he won MI the 2019 IPL final with his slower one, he is not my choice right now ahead of Rashid, Bumrah and Starc. So, if I have such options I will not go to Malinga.”

Lasith Malinga, Jasprit Bumrah, Malinga, Mumbai Indians, IPL, IPL 2020 auction,
Lasith Malinga, Jasprit Bumrah. Credits: IPL

“Mitchell Starc with his height and reverse swinging yorkers, he doesn’t have to bowl slower ones or bouncers. He can put 6 yorkers right on the spot. He can bowl over the wicket or round the wicket, wide yorkers or on the body with pace and an odd ball that climbs on you from three-quarters length.

Aakash Chopra remembers that it will be tough to choose between Mitchell Starc and Jasprit Bumrah but gives Jasprit Bumrah an edge over Mitchell Starc remembering an instance where Jasprit Bumrah was not hit for many runs in an IPL match against Gujarat Lions.

“If he is in form, I will go with him. Choosing between him and Bumrah is a very tough call. If you are Australian you will go with him, if you are Indian you will go with Bumrah,” Chopra said.

“Jasprit Bumrah, I remember a Super Over he had bowled against Gujarat Lions where they had Brendon McCullum and I think Dwayne Smith, one of the West Indian batsmen and they couldn’t touch the ball with the bat. In between he bowled a no ball as well, despite that he was not hit for runs.

“Being an Indian and having seen him from close quarters, I will go with him. Jasprit Bumrah will be my pick ahead of Mitchell Starc because Starc may bowl a boundary ball once in a while but Bumrah with his accurate slower ones and yorkers and different style of action makes him special,” he further explained.

Both Lasith Malinga and Jasprit Bumrah plays for Mumbai Indians and will be seen in action beginning from September 19 in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Mitchell Starc though chose T20 World Cup over IPL and laments his decision as T20 World Cup is postponed to upcoming years due to the COVID 19 pandemic.