Aaqib Javed predicts bright future for Bangladesh fast bowling

Nagendra / 01 August 2016
Aaqib Javed declines Bangladesh's bowling coach offer

Former Pakistan fast bowler Aaqib Javed who is currently conducting a bowling camp in Bangladesh feels that the country has bright future for fast bowling.

The former UAE coach, who earlier rejected the offer from Bangladesh Cricket Board to become a full-time bowling coach after the departure of Heath Streak, is currently in Mirpur to conduct high performance camp for fast bowlers on the special invitation from BCB.

When asked why Bangladesh has lacked quality fast bowlers over their history, Aaqib said: “I think it is a lack of role models.

“For Bangladeshis, whatever picture or video you show them of a fast bowler, it won’t inspire the youngsters unless you show them a Bangladeshi bowling at 145kph. But it has started to happen recently. Three of your guys have been showing youngsters that they can bowl fast. That confidence is there. And this is the beginning.”

“[Back in Pakistan] we used to have only a few fast bowlers but after Imran (Khan) came up as a role model, we never looked back. After Rubel [Hossain], Taskin [Ahmed] and Mustafizur [Rahman], you will have many fast bowlers in the next few years. Your own role models,” he added.

Aaqib feels that it is a process of transferring knowledge in a training camp of such short tenure but that knowledge could help the players’ in their progression.

“I always believe in the process, which means you can make a difference. In a week, you can transfer some knowledge but you can’t actually move them into progression. Sometimes it is difficult to accept something that is not suitable, but I can transfer knowledge, give them a plan and, after three months, I can come and see what levels they have reached,” he said.

“Discussing with the local coaches also, my belief is that some key points should be told to the players while the details should remain with the coaches to discuss. I will try my best to transfer these to the boys. It would not make a difference if I am not around after 6-7 days, but they should know where they are headed.”

Aaqib believes that changing bowlers’ action would not increase their speed but explains tiny details that could help them achieve better speed.

“I don’t believe in changing bowlers’ actions but I believe in adding something that helps them to bowl fast. Today we focused on speed. You should utilise your capacity. We focused on 1-2 km/h with their running speed, which is momentum, and 1-2 km/h from their front-foot force absorption and balance. And the third point is both your bowling arm and your non-bowling arm [must follow the principles of] pull-and-push theory, which can increase your speed by a further 1-2 km/h. The target is a 5-6 km/h pace increase,” he said.

The former Pakistani bowler also feels that the bowlers should have the mental skills to overthink the batsman with variations.

“Tomorrow [Monday] we will lead into mental skills and then end with tactics – when to attack, when to bowl variations and what are the variations, and what are the pillars that every bowler should have. We had a very interesting discussion with them about making a trade of yourself. When you are challenging as an international star, you must have something in you to show people, become a product which people can buy,” Aaqib said.

“Shoaib Akhtar had pace. Seam and accuracy like Glenn McGrath. And something like Mustafizur Rahman. Something unusual. You must create something that is sellable, which is your trade. I think six days is a long time to understand and make someone understand,” he added.