After Kevin Pietersen, Jason Holder wants fair wages for Test players

Krishna Chopra / 02 January 2016

Discarded England batting icon Kevin Pietersen’s recent remarks about the need for the ICC to intervene in order to pay fair wages to test players have been taken seriously by West Indies skipper Jason Holder. Pietersen had remarked that due to lower wages in test cricket, some high profile names were opting for domestic T20 cricket, in order to make a quick buck. Pietersen’s claims were seconded by Holder, who said that the ICC needs to do something about the issue.

“I think it’s possibly a way to keep Test cricket alive,” Holder said. “Obviously, we’re in a situation where the money isn’t great for us at the moment and we’ve been in numerous battles for that but that’s beyond our control at this present time. We’ve just got to play cricket. At the end of the day hopefully, somewhere along the line, we can have an increasing pay and be paid a little bit better than at the moment.”

“I think we need to strike a balance,” Holder said. “I’m not knocking T20 cricket because I love T20 cricket myself, but we just need to find a way where the country comes first and then we are flexible in terms of allowing people to make money outside of international cricket. I don’t think we should be playing hardball and deny people from going and playing, but there has to be a situation where we make international cricket our first priority,” Holder added.

“I think once we get to that stage the players will buy in. We’ve had so many issues that are beyond our control – some players have chosen to go this way to T20, and others have chosen to stay. I just control what I control at the moment and that’s just me playing cricket and trying to instil in the guys to play cricket to the best of their ability.”

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