With the balance between the bat and ball slipping massively in modern day cricket, several greats of the game have vocally expressed their concerns regarding the same. Numerous former cricketers have indulged in advice giving sessions to the ICC about the loopholes in the current cricketing system.

Rahul Dravid, mentor of the Rajasthan Royals was another individual who spoke about altering rules in T20s, in order to assist the bowlers. Dravid was witnessed speaking on the eve of the meeting of the ICC Cricket Committee, which is scheduled to be held in Mumbai.

In this meeting, several aspects surrounding the technicalities of the game will be discussed. A few aspects would be the illegal bowling actions; use of technology in umpiring and the Code of Conduct for the behavior of the players.

Dravid was quoted saying, “If you saw in the World Cup recently, the bowlers used the bouncers quite well. You had two bouncers per over. I feel in T20 cricket too, you should be allowed to bowl two bouncers in an over. That will give the bowlers an opportunity to make a comeback because if they bowl a bouncer off the first ball of the over then the batsman can easily predict the remaining five deliveries.” 

Dravid also spoke at length about the need of maintaining the ideal balance in cricket. He said, “I think you need to address the balance between the bat and ball. I think the exciting games are those in which you get scores of around 160 or 180, but if you have scores of more than 200 or more in every game then it won’t be so much fun and the balance between the bat and ball will cease to exist.”

“You need to put some thought on the wickets. If you prepare a wicket which will also assist the bowlers a little bit, maybe a bit of pace or bounce or spin, then the balance will be addressed. Some changes need to be made and the bowlers should also be given some consideration,” concluded Dravid.

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