An epic response by Darren Sammy to Shane Watson

Krishna Chopra / 07 August 2015

Cricket is a lot more interesting when the rivalry between two individuals within the game spices up. That is what makes cricket a far more enthralling game. The fun is further amplified if that particular rivalry is set in the test arena, as test cricket remains to be the ultimate form of the game.

One such instance of a spontaneous rivalry in a test match occurred between Australia’s Shane Watson and West Indies’ then test skipper Darren Sammy. The two mighty talented all rounders are known for their batting prowess more than their ability to roll their arms over.

The episode began as Sammy was batting on 18. A vicious bouncer bowled by Shane Watson was simply too lethal for Darren Sammy to evade. As Sammy tried to duck away, the bouncer hit Sammy on his helmet. More than anything else, it was a great moral victory for Shane Watson, and the Australian side, as flooring the opposition skipper is always a desired task. Like any other aggressive bowler, Watson looked at Sammy, and then headed back to his bowling mark.

Little did Watson know that he was to face an epic response from Darren Sammy. It was a reply every batsman dreams of. Watson bowled a good length delivery on the very next ball. In reply, Sammy did nothing, but just lofted the ball straight up, as the ball made contact with the sweetest spot of the bat. Sammy held his bat for the photographers, as the ball went sailing out of the park. It was as if the sheer swagger of Darren Sammy had done the job!

Below is the video of that epic response from Darren Sammy to Shane Watson:

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