Anushka Sharma Joins Virat Kohli in Delhi For Suresh Raina’s Wedding

Shashi / 02 April 2015

Cricketers and Bollywood actors have always been a good pairing as these are two industries that earn a lot of revenue and are the major source of entertainment to many in this country.

When a star such as Virat and an ever so sweet Anushka are a pair, it is the dream of an entertainment gossip fan. And when a team mate is getting married, neither Anushka nor Kohli even in their busy schedules could wait to get on their way to the weding.

As Raina is scheduled to tie the knot on Friday, the classy pair have arrived at the capital for the marriage a few days early in order to enjoy the city.

Kohli who was one the most important player of the team that played in Australia for 5 months and Anuska who seems to have come out of the shock of Kohlis wicket in the semi final were seen together in Delhi having the most of the time they get off of their professions.

The marriage is said to be filled with guests not only Virat and Anushka but also lot of former and current Indian players. Lets all wish both the pairs a good luck in the future.


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