The workload in cricket has increased by leaps and bounds in the last decade. The increased workload has taken its toll on the pacers. And to counter the situation,the Australian Catholic University(ACU) has come up with a revolutionary technology using submarine and guided missile technology which would reduce injuries and improve performance of the pacers. Australia’s fast bowlers are now using missile-guiding technology called the “torpedo technology” to help monitor their workloads.

The researchers have come up with an algorithm as the answer to the current method of measuring a professional cricketer’s workload. The existing method only measures the number of deliveries bowled by the bowler and is inefficient to track the intensity and effort put behind it.

The scientists proposed this algorithm to the British Journal of Sports Medicine and have suggested that coaches use the missile-guiding micro-technology implanted in newly-developed wearable devices.

“The same technology is used to navigate submarines, guided missiles and spacecraft,” co-author Dr Tim Gabbett said.

“Tagging individual balls with an intensity measure provides both immediate analysis such as identifying effort balls, or potentially a drop in performance due to fatigue, or longer term workload analysis,” said sports scientist and researcher Dean McNamara in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

“Measuring bowling intensity for individual balls or sessions provides context for the acute and chronic workload of the individual bowler, and ultimately the preparedness of the bowler for the maximal workload of the immediate competition.”

The researchers have also claimed that this technology can be used not only in cricket but also in  baseball, rugby league, rugby union, tennis and AFL football. In addition to Australian cricketers, the researchers are also  using this technology to assist the Wales rugby union team.

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