At the moment when the World Cup is approaching just around the corner, cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar has tendered a very valuable advice based on his past experience. His mantra for success while batting in the challenging conditions and wickets of Australia and New Zealand might enlighten the path for many batsmen in the most coveted cricketing event vigorously followed worldwide.

Little master Sachin Tendulkar, who happens to be one of the most decorated cricketers in the history of the game, is one of the most regarded sportspersons around the globe. He is the privileged one who has played in six World Cups from 1992 to 2011. The World Cup held in 1992 was his maiden appearance at the sensational extravaganza.

Tendulkar has written in his column for ICC, “Perth and Brisbane are renowned for their fast and bouncy wickets that will easily expose inexperience. Both, batsmen and bowlers have low margins for errors. As a batsman, if you understand the pace and bounce, then you could get on top of the bowling”.

He added, “For the bowler, the good-length spot is smaller in area on these wickets and the batsman can capitalise if the line and length falters. But if they extract bounce from the good length areas, then it would make the batsman’s life difficult.”

The 41-year-old gentleman cricketer who took a final bow from international cricket in November 2013 has cautioned the batsmen of the crucial wind factor in New Zealand.

He has advised, “In New Zealand, batsmen will have to beware of the windy conditions due to the geographical locations of some of the venues. The wind sometimes can be strong enough to seriously affect a batsman’s timing, playing against the wind your back lift is faster but the down-swing is considerably slow, while the ball is coming on faster? and vice-versa from the other end.”

Tendulkar has left his own mark in this magnificent cricketing event with 2,278 runs in 45 matches, including 482 runs in nine matches during India’s successful journey in the 2011 World Cup. It is really heartening to note that Sachin Tendulkar has shared his valuable exposure with all the cricketers for the betterment of the game. Perhaps such selfless act of this living legend stands him apart from others. Hats off.


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