Time to travel overseas in casuals, fly in business class for Team India  

“They are not careless, but they are cared less”



Perhaps the kickback time for the Indian Cricketers has arrived after all. What materializes after a series of eventful hold backs is a huge relief for the Indian cricketers as the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has finally allowed them to travel overseas in casual attire and that too in the business class section.

The team has been permitted to do away with the so-called ‘dress-code protocol’ and go overseas in whatever casual attires they desire, but bearing the logo of the BCCI and its sponsors obviously. When the Indian cricketers landed in London on Sunday for their tour of England, they were dressed in t-shirts and track pants instead of blazers and formal trousers.

BCCI Secretary Sanjay Patel was heard to make a remark, “The BCCI has accepted the players’ request for avoiding blazers on long flights and instead allowing them to wear casuals. It does get very uncomfortable to wear formals, especially when they have to travel for more than 5-6 hours. So we have accepted their request. The players can wear their blazers for official functions or dinners later during the tour”.

Conjectures regarding the newbie dress-code system have been many and varied. It has also been learned that the players have informed the Board that the team blazers will be carried by everyone and they will be rigging themselves out in them for official events and also the during the formal dinner with the High Commission of India.

Development regarding impressive decisions does not necessarily seem to end here as the team will henceforth be allowed to fly overseas in business class section as far as possible. This giant leap for the sake of the cricketers is done by primarily keeping in mind the trouble of the cricketers while travelling in jets and their security issues associated with it. The Board, however, has sanctioned them the authority to fly in the business class only when the journey is of more than three hours or so, thereby indicating that they will also be travelling to the neighbour nations, viz., Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in business class henceforth.

Patel added, “Players now can fly on business class as far as possible. One should not forget that whatever BCCI has achieved is because of its players.”

The act of giving credence to the so-long overlying demands of the cricketers seem to loo away the strict image of the BCCI that they for so long have been possessing. Designating the two grand permissions to their fellow cricketers in the name of comfort and security has been already moulded and polished to deliver a look of shining armour of carefulness.

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