England all-rounder cricketer Ben Stokes said he wanted to watch observation turned to the England team’s ICC World Cup 2015 chances rather than the ongoing squabble from Kevin Pietersen’s autobiography.

Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, positively fired after the team’s return home from their 5-0 Ashes being defeated in Australia in 2013-14, which created a commotion with the dissemination of his autobiography in which he censured several current players and ex-coach Andy Flower. Pietersen profssed that a class of elder players including bowlers Stuart Broad and James Anderson initiated a bullying culture where they wanted apologies from junior teammates who made fielding mistakes.

Ben said he expected the pivot would return to field situation ahead of a tour. He told in an TV interview that one major thing that he computed is that it is taken the eye off the cricket side of things, it is been concentrated on the autobiography rather than the amount of things they have got coming up.

Durham rising star Stokes said that we have got a World Cup coming up after this year and they have got a huge tour coming up to Sri Lanka. They have been focused on what they have got coming up in the next 6 months and he thinks the reports can propose that everything has been based around the book rather than the cricket.

In the midst of England’s miserable tour of Australia, Stokes was given his test debut. He was one of the few players in the team to gain his standings with a maiden century in Perth. Stokes added that as a less experienced player he had not been privy to any discourse surrounding Kevin on tour but that he had no doubt with the ambience in the dressing room.

He said he did not have any part in all these things that went on behind doors. All the meetings and everything like that, he does not know if they actually happened or not so he does not think he could give comment on anything like that.


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