Last month when Denesh Ramdin took Twitter to vent his anger on the new chairman of selectors Courtney Browne, it seemed a bit unethical as there was no need to reveal team secrets in front of visiting team but now it seems what Ramdin did was good. Yes, in the latest news been confirmed that the WICB has sacked the two-times T20 World Cup winning captain Darren Sammy and he has been informed of this decision as he received a ‘30’seconds call from the chairman of selectors.

Like Ramdin, Sammy too took social media platform to reveal his ouster “[The board is] looking to the future and I wish the new captain all the best,

They’ve reviewed the captaincy of T20 and I won’t be captain anymore, nor have my performances merited selection in the squad,

This is not me retiring from one-day or T20, it’s just me thanking the fans and my players and the coaches I’ve worked with and West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) for letting me lead the side for the last six years.” Sammy said in a video posted on his facebook page.

Shocking it is as how a board can sack a player, a captain who has just won a T20 World cup just four months ago and not just one, twice in a period of four years (2012 & 2016). That is not what a fair chairman does. Surely there is some personal hatred with the captain which has led to this.

Chairman of the selector’s committee is behaving like a monarch who is dictating his terms and is selecting the own set of players. No one can intervene in his decision it seems. The way they are showing doors to senior players despite good performances, it deserves criticism and all boards should come along to criticise their disgusting acts.

It’s time for the other boards to blacklist and boycott this corrupt and sell-out board so as to teach them a harsh lesson.

Remember in past South African team was too banned from international cricket due to their apartheid policy, now it’s time to ban WICB for being corrupt and a sellout.
It’s time that other boards should isolate WICB and should not play a single game against them. They can boycott them in ICC events too. All the boards should abandon their cricketing ties with this board to teach them a lesson for life. ICC should also support other boards in their mission as its time to improve cricket administration in West Indies.

Surely WICB would question the interference of foreign boards in their personal matter, but the way WICB is treating players, it’s a matter of corruption and has to be dealt with seriousness. Surely if all the boards join hands and decide to boycott this sellout body of cricket, then they will learn a lesson and will soon be on track if they want to play cricket.

ICC will have a major role to play in this mass movement as they will abandon rights of West Indies board in ICC committees and all. It’s time to clean up cricket and is the first step which should be taken as a remedy to protect cricket from this sellout board.

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