The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)  has once again shown its ugly side as they object the lovemaking sequence between Brett Lee and Tannishtha Chatterjee in the former Australian fast bowler’s debut film, “UnIndian”.  The  CBFC think the length of the love making scene is a bit too much to bear and has asked the makers to cut it down from a minute to only a few seconds.

However, as the controversy brews, Brett Lee is careful with his words; choosing not to judge the censor board’s decision. However, the cricketer turned actor believes the scenes were tastefully done.

“It’s been very tastefully done. It’s about two human beings becoming one which happens in everyday life and which happens in this film,” Brett told Indian in an exclusive conversation.

Talking about CBFC’s  decision asking the director to reduce the duration of the lovemaking scenes, Lee said, “It’s an Australian film first of all. It’s produced and directed by an Indian and obviously, Anupam (director) is an Indian and he knows Indian culture. I was born in Australia. The actress(Tannishtha) is Indian. So it’s pretty much been made by Indian people. I am not the one to judge and certainly won’t be going down that road which is right or wrong. I am stepping aside and leaving it them to find out what is wrong and if it is tasteful. If it doesn’t work and it’s not right then it is up to them to make that call.”

At the same time, lead actress Tannishtha said it is time switch over to a rating system and have films rated according to their content rather than censored.

The movie will be released in India on 19th August.

This year, two mega biopics on cricketers will be released. One is on Sachin Tendulkar and another is on MS Dhoni.

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