Australian test opener Chris Roger apologised for his company’s venture to sell unauthorized hospitality tickets for the Ashes test at Lord’s. He even admitted that he had ideas of including England players Steven Finn and Sam Robson as special guests.

Inside Edge Experience, a company established by Rogers and his Middlesex Partner Tom Scollay were offering ten special packages for a price upto 2910 pounds. The Daily Telegraph reported that the packages provided access to Rogers and many other cricketers.

However, Roger made his point clearly that he had no intensions of cheating anyone and the customers who bought the tickets have been refunded. Middlesex are partly at fault too since they did not inform him that the tickets could  not be resold as part of unauthorized hospitality packages he further added.

Rogers further said that it was an idea he and his friend came up with. It was for a small group of people and I went about the business thinking it’s the right way to go about but in the end it wasn’t to be. I learnt a lesson and there was no intent to cheat someone anything related to that. I’m disappointed that how thing turned out but i was honest enough to admit it with everything I did.

Rogers took a bit easier and did not know he was supposed to go through the English Cricket Board instead of Middlesex. It was funny because the people who I spoke related to Middlesex  never suggested anything wrong about it. I went through Middlesex the people whom I know  instead of  ECB, so I didn’t think I was doing something wrong.

I Have a excellent relationship with Middlesex. I was open and honest with them that what I’m going to do from the very beginning and they agreed to it and they in fact said that’s he way to go about it. Now there has been a little bit of misunderstanding he further added. It’s not some issue I get into because as I said earlier I have great respect for Middlesex and hopefully I want to continue that.

He also mentioned that Cricket Ausralia was aware about the issue and knew everything and they stand in support for me. But as i said earlier there was nothing intensional other than starting a company and provide a good rapport for London which I have been lucky enough to spend some time. The ticket money have been refunded and no money has been exchanged with Middlesex and so no harm has been done, he concluded. 


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