Wally Edwards, the chairman of ICC’s executive committee, is optimistic that ICC’s newly-found sense of purpose will help resolve the West Indies issue. Edwards, who acknowledged that the BCCI were “extremely disappointed, as we would be, if a team just leaves when all arrangements are in place,” added that the ICC were very keen to settle the issue. 

He quoted:

I think there’s a genuine desire at the ICC next week to get things back on track. In the past you’d talk about these things but you could never resolve anything in previous administrations at the ICC because there were factions all round the table and it was very difficult to have good quality debates then make a decision.

But we have now got a fully functioning board and it’s well led. Mr Srinivasan’s doing a great job in leadership, he’s not only leading the board, he’s leading the administration, and I think we’re in a good place now to move world cricket forward the way it should. We’ll go to Dubai next week to hear what the issues are, and I think we’re in good shape to try and solve it,Edwards added.

Edwards was confident that West Indies wouldn’t be lost as a cricket entity and made sure that the salary issue would be resolved with ICC not getting involved in the actual salary negotiations. 

I don’t believe they will be lost, I can’t imagine that. They’ve had disputes before, they’ve had ongoing rumblings there for quite a while, and I feel confident they will get resolved. I don’t ever see a system where the world will all put a player pool together and everyone gets the same amount, that’s not possible. I don’t think ICC will be delving into those sorts of issues.

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