Pink ball to be put to test in New Zealand domestic cricket

Rishav Narang / 30 August 2016

The New Zealand cricket board has decided to test pink ball in domestic cricket this year during the 2016/17 season of Plunket Shield. Out of five rounds, one round will be played with the pink ball under lights.

The New Zealand board have agreed to test pink only after getting feedback from the players regarding balls condition, nature, visibility and all. The step has been taken by the board keeping in mind their future plans as they hope to host England team with the pink ball when the England team will tour the country.

Well, New Zealand is not the first board to test pink ball in domestic cricket as currently the Indian domestic cricket is coloured with the pink paint. The Indian domestic teams are playing Duleep trophy with the pink ball with big stalwarts of the game participating in the tournament.

At this rate, we may see many more teams experimenting pink ball in domestic cricket in few days to come.