Many Cricketers began their lives in some other profession for their livelihood before becoming big stars.

Here are some of the well known Cricketers and their professions before taking up Cricket:

1. MS Dhoni:

India’s most successful captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was a ticket collector at the Kharagpur Railway station before he was picked and started to play for his domestic side in Ranji Trophy.

2. Shane Bond:

Been called as fast and furious for the speeds he delivers, Shane Bond was a Policeman in New Zealand before he became a cricketer.

3. Dwayne Leverock:

The Bermudan Cricketer became famous for his huge body and his dive to take the catch of Robin Uthappa part of 2007 World Cup was a policeman and used to drive a prison van in his country before he became a Cricketer.

4. Nathan Lyon:

Present Australia’s lead spinner, Nathan Lyon was actually a ground curator in whom a talented spinner was spotted out by Darren Berry, a senior most Queensland cricketer.

5. Joe Dawes:

The current Indian Cricket team’s bowling coach, who played for Queensland at domestic level in his country Australia was a Policeman before taking up the sport.

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