5 Controversial Statements Given by Cricketers Amid Pandemic

Five Controversial Statements Given By Cricketers Amid The Global Pandemic

MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina
MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina (Credits: Twitter)

The coronavirus pandemic has created an erratic situation where the planning of the future can be not assured. Still, many cricket boards like CA and ECB have planned to host the matches from next month. However, they are well aware that their plans may be white-washed by the surge in coronavirus cases.

Since the outbreak of the virus, cricketers have not played a competitive match for over three months. They have been far away from fans and fields because of the extended lockdown period although they have found their own way to communicate with cricket lovers.

Amid the crisis, the former and current cricketers started live sessions on social media. The players went live with another cricketer and discussed the game of cricket. Cricketer like Ravichandran Ashwin began to a live chat show called reminisce with Ashwin where he with other players discussed their past memorable innings. While some, on their Youtube channel, have uploaded videos about their opinions.

During all these conversations amid the pandemic, some prominent players have also given controversial statements which further created a buzz among fans.

Here we have listed Top 5 debatable statements given by cricketers amid the pandemic:

Current Youngsters Don’t Respect Senior Cricketers: Yuvraj Singh

Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Five Controversial Statements Given by Cricketers Amid The Global Pandemic
Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh. Image Credit: AFP.

Yuvraj Singh, who retired from international cricket last year after he was excluded from the World Cup 2019 squad, has given many disputable statements in past months. Recently, during the live session on Instagram, Rohit Sharma asked Yuvraj to give his opinion about the current Indian team.

The former cricketer didn’t shy to slam the youngsters. He said that the coming youngsters in the team don’t respect the veterans because of the increased use of social media. He even said that KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya’s infamous episode would not have happened during his time.

“I just feel there are very fewer guys to look up to and I feel that a sense of respect towards seniors, that has become a thin line now. Koi bhee kisiko kuch bhee keh deta bhain (anyone can say anything to anyone,” said Yuvraj.

“I think juniors, because of social media, party scenes, these things, we could not even think about that in our time. Because we had that fear that if we do some mistake our senior will tell us that do not do this, this is not right,” he said.