Twitter has become the most effective medium for cricketers to interact with their fans. Within the 140 character limit, the cricketers can share their views and thoughts with their fans and vice versa. However, there have been several occasions when even respected cricketers have been misunderstood, and their tweets have been taken completely out of context.

Such situations are a nightmare for any cricketer if he is misunderstood in a negative frame. The backlash from thousands of people who don’t get the appropriate message is a massive burden on the player.


Dale Steyn, the world’s number one test bowler was a recent victim of such a controversy. Steyn recently admitted that his main ambition was to play the next World Cup in England, and for that he would have to skip a series in Bangladesh. This is what he exactly meant, when he precisely said, “rather than wasting the few balls I have left in my career in a Bangladesh match”. He clearly meant that in order to remain fit for the next World Cup, he would have to look beyond bilateral series.



Several Bangladeshis took offence to the statement and attacked Steyn on Twitter. Steyn though, responded on Twitter in his uber – cool way.


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