Dynamic Australian opening batsman David Warner was alerted on Sunday by his cricket Board Cricket Australia (CA) boss to “stop looking for trouble” after he occupied himself in verbal spat with Indian batsman Rohit Sharma during the Carlton mid tri-series match between their teams here.

David Warner was punished by deducting 50 per cent of his match fee from Australia’s win over India by the International Cricket Council following that incident.

According to a report, James Sutherland, Cricket Australia (CA) Chief Executive said David Warner in no unsettled terms that he should fix his ways.

Cricket Australia (CA) Chief Executive, James Sutherland was quoted saying by ‘Sydney Morning Herald’: “I have spoken to David to understand what happened in the incident with Rohit Sharma yesterday and to remind him of his responsibilities as an Australian cricketer and a role model. He has worked very hard on his leadership and behaviour over the past 12 months and I have told him very clearly that instances like this only serve to set back the progress he has made. Quite simply, he needs to stop looking for trouble”.

Sunday’s matter happened after Rohit Sharma took an overthrow from a delinquent David Warner throw. Then, David Warner was seen saying to the Rohit Sharma the words “Speak English” after the Australian launched a confrontation.

David Warner debated in a radio interview that he was simply saying Rohit Sharma that David could not understand him but James Sutherland looked unsatisfied by his clarification.

Cricket Australia (CA) Chief Executive, James Sutherland said that this is the 2nd time he has been before the International Cricket Council match referee this season and that is twice too often. From his discussion with David Warner, He is impressed that his comments to Rohit Sharma were not racially motivated. He said he has notified him that he needs to carefully rethink the manner in which he approaches these sorts of circumstances in the future.


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