“Don't tell me that I don't have the desire and the hunger,” Michael Clarke bellows

Sudipta / 05 August 2015

Australia’s Test captain Michael Clarke snapped suggestions saying he has no intention to retire from the longest form of the game.

Clarke, sp far, has meagre Ashes series with the total of 94 runs in six innings at an average of below 19. Pressure was building on Michael Clarke with Australian mediaon  Tuesday saying he is looked “lost” and the end was near.

But the 34-year-old, who has scored 28 Test centuries, said he was going nowhere, with the desire to play still burning strongly.

“The criticism of my game at the moment are deserved and I wouldn’t expect anything different, especially as the captain of the team,” he wrote in a column for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph

In his column for the Daily Telegraph, Clarke made it clear that he has no intention of leaving the game.

“People are talking about how I’m going to retire after this series, well they don’t know me,” Clarke wrote. “A big reason for me retiring from one-day cricket was to prolong my Test career, and I still love playing and competing at the highest level.

“People can certainly have a shot at me about my performance, but they can’t have a shot at me about my desire and my will to play this great game — whether that be for Australia, NSW or Western Suburbs. 

To this day, I’m the first to training and the last to leave, so don’t tell me that I don’t have the desire and the hunger.

“I have no intention to walk away from cricket. Chris Rogers waited until 35 years of age to play his second Test. I’m 34 not 37 and I want to keep playing for Australia beyond this series, however I will be judged on performance like everyone else.”

On Tuesday the Sydney Morning Herald’s chief sports writer Andrew Webster said on Tuesday Clarke’s expression “with each cheap dismissal is undeniable: it is a blank expression of utter bewilderment. He isn’t annoyed but lost”.

Peter Lalor, cricket writer for The Australian, added to Clarke’s woes by saying that failure in the fourth Test in Nottingham starting Thursday “spells an almost certain end to his career”.

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