The former England cricket all-rounder Andrew Flintoff has agreed that England cheated in 2005 Ashes at Channel 10’s “The Project” on Tuesday evening.

Flintoff was asked by co-host Waleed Aly in the show, “Remember in 2005 when you got that guy who was a gun fielder and he ran Ricky Ponting out? That was cheating, wasn’t it?”

Flintoff replied, “Yeah. Yeah of course it was.”

The incident happened during the 4th Test match of the 2005 Ashes series at Trent Bridge. England made a replacement on the field as Gary Pratt on for the pacer Simon Jones. Pratt ran out Australian skipper Ricky Ponting with a direct hit at the non-strikers end.

Ponting went back to the pavilion angrily. It seemed to Ponting that England used the substitute player to give fast bowler rest rather than to cover serious illness or injury, which was totally against the rules and spirit of cricket.


Later, Ponting faced disciplinary action over the outburst. Ponting said at that time, “My frustration at getting out was compounded by the fact that I was run out by a substitute fielder, an issue that has concerned us from the start of this series and one we raised before the series.”

Actually, the man Pratt was replacing – right-arm quick Simon Jones – had been taken to hospital with an ankle injury.

Australia lost that series by 2-1.

In the early morning of Wednesday, Flintoff tweeted after a follower alerted him to news stories about his appearance on the TV show, “I cheated I bowled too fast and hit the ball too hard, before knickers are twisted I appear to be joking”.

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