England vs West Indies 2020: Windies Assistant Coach Suggests Jofra Archer To Quit Social Media For While And Focus On His Game

England vs West Indies 2020: Windies Assistant Coach Suggests Jofra Archer To Quit Social Media For While And Focus On His Game

Jofra Archer,
Jofra Archer. Image Credit: Getty Images.

West Indies coach Roddy Estwick is in constant touch with Barbados-born England cricketer Jofra Archer who faced heavy criticism for breaching the bio-secure environment. He believes that getting a break from social media and outer voices will help Archer to get out of the mental break down. 

The 25-year-old Jofra Archer was dropped ahead of the second Test match for violating the security protocol. He had visited his home for one hour breaking the bio-secure bubble. Archer was immediately sent under self-isolation for five-days during which he never meets anyone. But he was well aware of the criticism he was going through because of social media.

Roddy Estwick is helping Jofra Archer to be positive:

Roddy Estwick, England vs West Indies 2020, Jofra Archer
Roddy Estwick (Photo Source: Twitter)

Roddy Estwick support for Archer came after the latter wrote a column in Daily Mail stating that career in sports is fickle. Archer also said that he was racially abused on online platforms which forced him to mute and unfollow people. His statement had worried his teammates and coaches about his mental state. 

The West Indies assistant coach has said that he never left the contact from the youngster when he was under self-isolation. Estwick had mentored Archer as a young cricketer in Barbados. So, he shares a good bond with the England team’s pacer. 

“Jofra will be fine, I’ve been in constant contact with him. I wasn’t prepared to leave him out there on a limb and I’ve been in constant dialogue, talking to him and trying to reassure him that we all make mistakes and you learn from them and move on,” ESPNCricinfo quoted Estwick as saying.

Estwick Advice to Jofra Archer:

Jofra Archer
Jofra Archer. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Roddy Estwick has suggested Archer quit social media to focus on his game. He wants the player to focus on his game and give his best. He also advises that Archer should only talk to people whom he trusts. 

“It’s obviously disappointing to hear a player being racially abused but it does happen. I’ve seen him come out and say he’s got to try and stay off social media a bit and that’s a start – I think if you’re off social media, they can’t racially abuse you from there. He’s got to lay low for a while. He knows what’s coming, so he’s just got to lay low, focus on his game, focus on getting back on the park, and focus on the people that you can trust and the people that are there for you, and try to block out the rest,” he added.

Jofra Archer was allowed to play in the last and third Test match after being fined an undisclosed amount and was given an official written warning. Currently, the series is levelled and the third Test in Manchester will decide the series winner.