The Cricket fans have something to be cheer about over the recently concluded Football World Cup as the Television viewership it has received was surprisingly quite less than what the Cricket ICC’s Champions Trophy Final received in 2013.

Considering fact the number of countries watch Cricket and Football, this stats were really surprising. Even though the ICC tournament was of just 8 teams and is considered the second best tournament in Cricket of 50-over format but was found out to have more views than the prestigious tournament in Football, the world cup in which 32 countries took part.

The FIFA World Cup 2014 Final received Television viewership just above a billion, which were estimated to be 1.2 Billion, however awaiting for official and exact numbers which might be just a few millions that what was reported. Almost a year back, called as Small World Cup of Cricket, the ICC Champions Trophy Final received 1.8 billion Television viewers.

Reason for this can be the counterfeiting of the timings in the Asia part, the highly populous countries in the world, over Europe & America. Even the Champions Trophy had timings effect on it with the match ending around the same time of the and viewers showed patience towards the game as the match started almost the time which it would be ending due to rain.

However, the FIFA WC viewership had a greater increment when compared to its 2010’s tournament.

However, this fact can be a hilarious with the Football World Cup been recognised as the biggest event in the World and ICC Champions Trophy is rated as second best ICC event in the sport of Cricket itself.

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