Foreign Cricketers And Their Indian spouses
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India is a prominent name in the world for its culture, heritage and sports, and sportsmen who visit the country for their sports schedule often come back to explore more of it. These players, not only got bowled over by the scenic locations of India, were swept off their feet by the Indian beauties as well.

Foreign Cricketers and their Indian spouses

1) Shaun Tait and Mashoom Singha:

Foreign Cricketers And Their Indian Spouses 1

Shaun Tait Mashoom Singha, Foreign Cricketers and their Indian spouses
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The ‘Wild thing’ of world cricket met his love of life Mashoom Singha while playing for Rajasthan Royals in the year 2010. 3 years later he proposed this Mumbai-based beauty in Paris. Fast as his deliveries are, they tied the knot within a year in Mumbai dressed up in Indian traditional outfits.

Mashoom Singha, a model and wine entrepreneur herself, is heard to settle down with her speedster Australian husband in South Australia.

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