If you just know that the widely known nation, United States of America (USA) has played the Cricket sport just in the ICC Champions Trophy, 2004 that you surely don’t know about them. Also the USA is started to look towards Cricket as the widely followed sport this summer was interesting Cricket.

Even though Cricket hasn’t been a populous sport worldwide, the shakles of ancient time where it was played in U.S.A are been discovered. Early in 1700s some states used to play Cricket. Later on by the time of mid 1800s, the sport became at a peak range and around 22 states then were addicted to the bat-ball game.

It was a general sport in USA till the 1st Civillian war in 1920s where it brought a end to Cricket in the country with some of the English people present there had to left away.

The demand for viewership of IPL in US has been a decent figure with over 30 Million people are watching the mega event in any form.

These signs of Cricket growing again in the country after a quite peroid can bring back the “forgotten sport” once again on to the screen.

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