It is always sheer fun when two sports persons with different sporting backgrounds interact and the Indian off-spinner, Harbhajan Singh feels that he had intense fun when he met Pele and Usain Bolt. He also admitted that he feels himself blessed to have interacted with such eminent sport personalities.

Also Harbhajan is pretty much impressed at the bowling skills of Usain Bolt and he stated the fact that Bolt has Cricketing talent in him and it was an amazing experience to watch him taking his run up and bowl accordingly. Harbhajan also praised about Bolt’s bowling strides and claimed that since he is a brilliant sportsperson, he has such great strides.

Harbhajan also added that the Jamaican looked quite like a natural cricketer on the field and Harbhajan hoped that if Bolt would have played Cricket, he would have been as much of successful as has been in athletics.

Bolt also told Yuvraj and Harbhajan that he had watched them play and Bolt was even pretty happy to meet them. Unable to resist his suspicion, Harbhajan asked Bolt that when he was so much brilliant in cricket, why did he chose athletics as a profession. Bolt answered that his coach told him that he was perhaps better in athletics.

Harbhajan also heard about Bolt’s training schedule and he was amazed. Bolt also told them about his daily routine and his schedules during competitions and also about how he prepares himself for bigger competitions.

But what impressed Harbhajan the most was the manner in which Bolt interacted with the fans who came all the way to the Chinnaswamy Stadium to watch Bolt play Cricket. To Harbhajan, it was really endearing.

Harbhajan also told that it is quite a lesson for celebrities about how to interact with the fans. Bolt walked through to the stands, shook hands with the fans, signed Autographs for them.

Bolt’s behaviour was an example of how to remain down to earth in stardom too.


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