Well, Sunil Narine is definitely a cricketer who has got a worldwide following. Cool and contented, despite being one of the best bowler of the recent time, Narine has always kept a low profile and his behavior on and off the field has been remarkable. Obviously, when he is likely to be banned for a suspected bowling action for quite some time, a big question mark was popping up in the mind of millions of the fans of the game as to how all of a sudden his action has become faulty and why the issue has been raised at this crucial juncture?

Former cricketer Clive Lloyd, who is 70 years old now, carries an image of a very wise man with proven integrity and being the selector, was perhaps the best person to raise this burning issue and he has done so in his usual daring manner. On a personal note, I appreciate the very basic and fundamental issues, especially questioning the procedure and timing, raised by Lloyd in a very bold and logical way!

He said, “I am disappointed (with the developments) in the sense that our bowler could suddenly be out of the tour. You cannot play with people’s emotions and their livelihood. I think there must be better ways of doing the right things.

“I think it’s wrong that one of our best bowlers is being penalised ahead of an important tour like India, where spinners over the years have done extremely well. This guy has been bowling well for years in India and overseas. The ICC top referees have seen him. They haven’t called him. How come all of a sudden this is happening? I think it’s time we stand up for the players and I will be the first one to do so,” said Lloyd.

 We do believe that the coaches, the players, the administrator, the writers and fans will join hands together in sorting out the issue in a logical, just and valid manner, as this is the question of saving the integrity of the game from being ruined.

 Already, the future of test cricket is becoming unstable as no one really can afford to spare time for full five days in today’s hectic life style. Thus it has become imperative to save the shorter version, though many believe that with quick bucks and instant glamour and with the threat of spot fixing, this format is also drawing controversies and is turning this classical game into a commercial venture. In case the transparency of ODIs and T20 also becomes questionable, the charm of the game will be gone forever!!!!!

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