I Am Not A Gay - James Faulkner Clarifies Following Misunderstood Instagram Post

I Am Not A Gay – James Faulkner Clarifies Following Misunderstood Instagram Post

James Faulkner

Just like any other, Social media too got two faces for it. Though it is very helpful to create a platform to interact for the fans and the celebrities, on the other day, it might create a ruckus if the thought behind the post is misunderstood by the users. Something similar happened with James Faulkner, who was on the receiving end, after his Instagram post gone wrong.

The Australian all-rounder posted a picture and named a guy as his boyfriend, and, are in relation for 5 years. The followers of him misunderstood the post and felt that the fast bowler is a “Gay”, as they felt that they are in a loving relationship for the five years.

This led to several media publications in Australia post his picture and marked him as a Gay, who is in a same-sex relationship. However, Faulkner later clarified it by saying that he is not a Gay and the boy, whom he mentioned is his best friend and a partner in his business.

James Faulkner

There seems to be a misunderstanding – James Faulkner

He quoted that they completed 5 years in staying together in the same house. Earlier, in an Instagram post on Monday showed Faulkner celebrating his 29th birthday with his mother and who Faulkner labelled “the boyfriend”, Rob Jubb, with the cricketer adding the hashtag #togetherfor5years.  He later edited the post to add “(best mate!!!)” in reference to Jubb.

Faulkner posted: “There seems to be a misunderstanding about my post from last night, I am not gay, however it has been fantastic to see the support from and for the LBGT community. Let’s never forget love is love, however @robjubbsta is just a great friend. Last night marked five years of being house mates! Good on everyone for being so supportive.”

Cricket Australia apologised:

Meanwhile, the cricket board of Australia makes into the scene. They apologised for any unintended offence. They also gave a clarification that Faulkner has posted it thoroughly to express his love his housemate.


“Cricket Australia does not consider the social commentary this morning from James Faulkner to be a joke, nor does James,” said CA spokesperson Karina Keisler.

However, of late, social media has become a big threat for the celebrity figures. Even if they make a tiny mistake while posting on social media platforms, they will be immediately on the headlines for all the wrong reasons.