Australian fast-bowler Ryan Harris has confirmed that he will play in the first Test at Adelaide as Phillip Hughes’ funeral had reminded him how desperate the public is for the match to take place.

Earlier, Harris was sceptical about his participation in the first Test as he said that he wasn’t emotionally ready to take the field. But now, Harris feels that playing cricket would be the best way for him to heal himself emotionally. 

In his Fairfax Media Column, Harris was quoted in saying:

“Seeing the green and gold streamers was a reminder these people want to see some cricket played, want to see us get out there and beat the Indians. 

“One thing I noticed late on Wednesday was how the mood in the group had begun to shift. There were a few conversations about getting back to playing. The funeral was a bit of a milestone. As well as to pay your respects it gives you a bit of closure.

“We’re going to have our mate in the back of our minds – there’s no doubt about that – but when we walk out onto that ground we need to try and focus on our game thoughts, where we need to be to be ready to play.

“We’ll definitely be maintaining our aggression; that’s how we play well. That’s what we do. That’s the Australian way so we’ll get back to doing that.”


Image Courtesy: cricketcountry

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