ICC all set to implement new rules in ODIs

Vicky / 26 June 2015

International Cricket Council (ICC) is all set to implement a new set of rules in the limited overs format to make it more even. Now a days under the current rules and regulations, the batsmen have a edge over the bowlers and the ICC has decided to make it a even contest. ICC CEO Dave Richardson has informed the media about the likely changes after attending the 2015 ICC Annual Conference in Barbados. The Revised ICC Playing Conditions will come into effect from July 5.

Under the new rules, the five over batting powerplay has been scrapped along with the compulsary catchers in the first 10 overs. Adding to that, there will be five fielders allowed outside the 30 yard circle in the last 10 overs. This means, two fielders will be outside the circle in the first 10 overs and from over number 11-40, four fielders are allowed outside and in the last 10, the fielding team can have a maximum of five players. Unlike the old rules, Free-Hit will be awarded to all type of no-balls.

Here are the newly revised rules:

No compulsory catchers in overs 1-10 (ODIs)

No batting Powerplay between overs 15-40 (ODIs)

Five  fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle in overs 41-50 (ODIs)

All “no balls”,  not just “foot faults”, to result in a free hit (ODIs & T20Is)

While speaking about these changes, Richardson said, We have thoroughly reviewed the ODI format after a very successful ICC Cricket World Cup. There was no need to make any radical changes to what has proved to be a vibrant and popular format but we wanted to take this opportunity to make the format simpler and easier to follow for the public as well as maintaining a balance between bat and ball.

He also added: In making these adjustments, we have tried to ensure that ODI cricket retains the attacking, aggressive and thrilling brand, which has recently become the hallmark of 50-over cricket and sets us on a positive path to the next World Cup in England in 2019.

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