The Bangladesh Cricket Board has published a notice on Tuesday, impending to cast out the local assistants who will be insured to carry the flags of any other country taking part in the contest.

The edict has been released following a vociferation which pictured some locals flaring the flags of Pakistan during the recently completed Asia Cup, which was also hosted by Bangladesh like 2014 ICC World Twenty20.

A spokesman of the Bangladesh Cricket Board confirmed to the source of NDTV that the panel had come off the directive following it, after noticing “that some local fans were flying foreign flags flouting the country’s flag rules”.

“We’ve received instruction in this regard,” the spokesman told AFP, without clearing up.

Bangladesh belonged to Pakistan and was known as East Pakistan and got parted in the war of Independence in 1971 in which roughly three million people were shot down at the manpower of the ground forces of the Islamic republic and its allied militias.

“As such, we’ve ordered security officials and safety devices to make sure Bangladesh fans cannot hold or fly flags of foreign countries in the stadiums.”

The BCB order came on the eve of Bangladesh’s 44th Independence Day festivities, commemorating the day when the country led to war against Pakistan.


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