If Hair dares, I will take legal action says Harbhajan Singh

Raj / 17 October 2014

Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has said that he is ready to sue former umpire Darrell Hair. Harbhajan has been angry about Hair’s comment about him, Muttiah Muralidharan and Saqlain Mushtaq.

He said, “I have no time for Darrell Hair’s nonsense. Who the hell is he? Is he bigger than the ICC? But if he tries to damage my reputation or belittle my achievements as an international cricketer with another provocative comment, I will be speaking to BCCI and seek legal action against Hair. Saqlain Mushtaq invented the doosra and I perfected the art. I am proud of having successfully executed the doosra. If some bowlers are not being able to bowl doosra within legal limits, it is not my look-out.”

He added: “Let me put a question for Mr Hair. He has officiated in a number of international matches in which I have bowled. Why didn’t he challenge the ICC then? Just when three bowlers are called, he wakes up and makes a random comment. He could not because he knew there was nothing wrong. And what does he mean by role models like Murali, Saqlain or Harbhajan? Did we teach them to bowl with suspect action?”


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