If the Cricket resemble a class….

Editor Sportzwiki / 22 March 2015

This is just an imaginary sceario of assuming the gentlemen’s game as a class and comparing the top 8 cricket teams with a class assigning each team a sudent according to their traits.

India: A unpredictable student who either tops or fails miserably and has a rich daddy. Even if he fails the mother covers up by saying ‘Atleast he has better marks than his other classmate called Pakistan’.

South Africa: A student who tops in units and semesters, but fails in the final exams.

Pakistan: A student who has the potential of being a topper but spends most of his time fighting and even beating other schoolmates. Either blames the teacher, paper quality of the exam paper, or fellow classmate (India) for his non-performance.

West Indies: A student who was a topper till 5th grade but currently fails in every exams. Has a tendency of not preparing for the final exams and also leaving midway from the examination hall.

New Zealand: A student who always scores a distinction but never tops the class.

Australia: A student who is always a topper and the biggest bully of the school.

Sri Lanka: A student who suddenly became a potential topper after 5th grade.

England: A rare case where the teacher is still a student who has never cleared a final exam.

Bangladesh: A student who blames his failure on others and cries foul for it.

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