For millions across the globe, it is the biggest rivalry in the game, but for India’s R. Ashwin, an India-Pakistan game is just another match. The recent fixture between the two sides produced an exceptional advertisement for the game as it was quite thrilling and enticing. Though it was a low scoring encounter, the quality of cricket played was simply sky high.

In a pre match conference, Ashwin addressed the media and said that an India-Pakistan game was just another game of cricket. The lanky off spinner also said that the rivalry was hyped in excess by the media. “Since I’ve been with the Indian team, it’s just been another game, to be very honest,” said Ashwin.

Ashwin however pointed out that the ICC World Cup 2011 Semi final between the two sides at Mohali was an exception, and that game simply stood out. “The one game that I would put right up there would be the World Cup semi-final that we played in 2011 against Pakistan. That game has to be right at the top, but apart from that, all games are just another game for us.”

“We can’t take too much of pressure. I know what kind of hype goes around it, what the media writes about it and how the people perceive it, but if we are going to buy into that and go into a game, it’s going to put us on the back foot,” said Ashwin. The sides are scheduled to face off in the ICC World T20 on the 19th of March in Dharamsala.

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