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Virender Sehwag played 104 Tests and 251 ODIs for India.

In a freewheeling chat with Sportzwiki, former India captain Virender Sehwag spoke about his newly launched web series ‘Viru Ke Funde’. Sehwag, who played an integral role in India’s World Cup win in 2011, shared his thoughts on a range of issues in Indian cricket and also gave his opinion on team’s on-field performances.

Question: Mr. Sehwag thank you for joining us. First of all we would like to know how did it all start for this web series, means how did this idea come about?

Sehwag: I think I’ve always given a one liner to media. Be it in press conferences, to my friends, opposition friends. When I retired, I started to write something or the other on Twitter, Facebook and it became famous. Fans reacted really well and they wanted me to do something like that for them in a web series. So that’s how I started this “Viru Ke Funde”. I met one of my friend Vikram Sathey. He has done a lot of mimicry of cricketers and he did his own show “What the Duck”. He even took my interview and I gave a lot of stories and then I discussed with him that I want to do something like that. So he helped me to make this “Viru ke Funde” and there are some cricketing stories, some general life fundas and that’s how it came to my mind. I made it and now I’ve put it on VIU where people can watch it.

Question: How was your experience of acting in this web series? 

Sehwag: I was not acting, even when you see the Viru ke Funde, it was more of a discussion with friends on chai we’re having tea and having fun. They’re asking me a lot of questions about how to handle our spouse, how to exit from the whatsapp group and how to lose weight. These are normal life problems which they are facing day to day and they thought that maybe Virender Sehwag is a big player and maybe he can give a good answer or he can solve their problems, but I don’t think that anybody can solve these problems. These problems remain same and so what I did I told them clearly that I will not be able to solve these problems but I can give you a good advice. I can give you good fundas. I can share my cricketing experience with you guys and if you learn something, you can apply it in your life.

QuestionSo basically the show theme is on the lessons that you’ve learnt in life, lessons you would’ve learnt during initial days of your career, where you might have faced a lot of problems. I remember during one of your interviews with Harsha Bhogle you told that you had to travel a lot to get to the ground and your friend Dharmesh helped you financially to buy a scooter later on. What do you have to say about people who are currently facing adversity in their life?

Sehwag: See you know there are a lot problems in everyone’s life. My best advice would be to watch Viru ke Funde and you’ll laugh and if you can make somebody laugh then it’s a great thing. That’s what I’m trying to do and if you watch my fundas, I’m sure you will laugh and forget whatever bad is happening in your life. Take out some time and watch the Viru ke Funde. I’ve talked about a lot of cricketing stories and examples and whatever I’ve learnt from my married life(laughs).

Question: What is success according to Virender Sehwag?

Sehwag: If you want to be a successful person, then you can watch the Viru ke Funde and you can learn something out of it. Whatever you want to do in your life just do it. Don’t worry about success. If you do it in the right way, if you are ready to work hard, I think success will come your way.

Question: What ‘gyaan’ would you like to give to journalists who keep on asking you irritating questions about controversies in Indian Cricket that probably don’t even exist?

Sehwag: See a reporter does his job. He has the right to ask a question and you know it depends on the person who is giving the answer. So you can divert the question and give some different answer, give one liner and make the whole press box to laugh.

That’s really nice (laughs) 

Question: On current form, do you think India will be able to defend their Champions Trophy title?

Sehwag: Champions Trophy is very far. I think at the moment we are playing against England and you know that we lost our last two Test series against England but this time, England will have a hard time to win the Test series in India and I’m sure Virat Kohli’s team will do really well and win at least 2-1 or 3-0.

Question: Paaji one last question. Cricket All Stars was a big success last year. So with the likes of Kevin Pietersen and Brendon McCullum joining, do you feel the popularity of the tournament will touch new heights?

Sehwag: I’m sure everybody wants to watch Cricket All Stars, especially the Indian public wants more Indian cricketers to participate in it. At the moment they’re saying they’ll organize in 2017. You just wait and watch when they’ll do that.


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