IPL-6 Scandal: Court questions ‘match fixing’ theory of police

Shashi / 20 April 2015


 The scandal of match fixing during the 6th edition of IPL took another turn today. The Delhi police who were involved ,are being questioned about the theory of the fixing that the police have come up with.

A local court in Delhi on Monday said that there was no prime facie evidence that the matches were fixed and the Additional Sessions Judge Mr. Nenna Bhansal Krishna reportedly said that the evidence which contained telephone tapes as evidence were only liable in case of betting and that the conversations did not show the accused talk anything about fixing the match.

Mohan , a public prosecutor was asked several questions by the judge and in the end it was maintained that betting is not a criminally illegal activity and that it comes under the civil law.

However the prosecutor was convinced that the telephonic conversations with the accused were a part of laundering of money to the players participating in the shameful act. To this, the court replied that even if whatever Mohan says is true that they require enough evidence to convince the judge.

After all these arguments, the court fixed May 8th as the day when further issues in this matter will be taken up.


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